Production-grade Magento® 2 infrastructure on your cloud in minutes

A Helm Chart for Magento® 2

helm upgrade --install \
  quick-quotes-and-quarrying-ltd \
  oci:// \
  --version 0.0.13 \
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Creating a Magento store can be simple! It's only three steps. Sign up for a licence, then run the commands to get your business up and running. Concentrate on your primary ToDos rather than the tedious installation process.


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You can sign up for a lifetime subscription at any time. Prices can be found here. Simply complete the form, and you're done.


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Run the code to get your business up and running. Everything will be taken care of by the command. It will set up your store in minutes, allowing you to get back to business.


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Now that everything is operational, you can concentrate on your business. Fill up your inventory – or migrate previous inventory and sell it!

How does it work?

Our process

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Our website allows you to sign up in seconds. Examine our pricing and subscription options.

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Gain access to Mappia and begin the installation process.

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Now that your shop is up and running, you can personalise it to your liking. The sky is the limit.


You've got your shop up and running, and you're making sales.

Projects built with Mappia

Mappia is a configurable Helm Chart for a Production Grade Kubernetes Cluster for Magento Open Source, MageOS, and Adobe Commerce.


Cross environment

The Chart provides a prefabricated, well-formed, and extensible infrastructure manifest for Magento 2 that can be applied not only at large-scale to massive server fleets numbering in the thousands, but also to small-scale pre-production server environments and short-term production deployments. The "scale" of the environment can be tailored per-environment to the cost constraints and requirements of that environment while maintaining consistent configuration across all environments.


The diagram depicts a highly configurable, production-ready Magento 2 system. The system is designed to scale horizontally by default. The Chart automatically configures data-persistence services such as the Database (MySQL), Queue (RabbitMQ), and Cache (Redis) for High Availability. These services can optionally be configured to run outside the cluster using an IaaS provider's solution for that specific service.

Obtain a license

You must first obtain a licence to use Mappia. It is simple and has a set price. This applies to everyone. You can have as many stores as you want. Pay only for the infrastructure that you require. You will continue to receive updates for the rest of your life.
SLA is one day. Any Kubernetes provider, anywhere in the world.

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